About Audrey

What the heck does INGIBERS mean!?

Well… it’s Icelandic for daughter of Ingiber and also happens to by my last name. (Bonus points if you try to prounouce it!) Ingiber is actually my grandfather and the person that inspired me to work for something I love doing, so I can do what I love—yep that cliché.

My grandfather is also the person that challenged me to also try new things, especially when it comes to food; I’ll eat just about anything! Which is why I like living by the motto “Try anything twice.” Needless to say, the weirder the food and the more unique the experience, the better!

That’s also how I like to approach photographing… with adventure! If you tell me you’d like to jump in the lake on your wedding day, I’ll put on my water shoes and snap from the water! Do you and your family enjoy hanging out on the farm? Get the saddle ready and I’ll shoot from atop a horse! I want to make sure I get whatever means most to you and show the best visual portrayal of who you are! Thanks to my love of yoga, I’m always up for bending and folding into position to work through any shooting constraints that come my way.

When I‘ve got time to spare, I can be found persuading my four-legged child, Athena, into modeling for nature shoots under the guise of enjoying a hike. In the summer, I strap my surfboard to the top of my Jetta and flail around in the ocean; Some call that surfing. Most importantly, I like to eat, drink and be merry in my free time. 🙂