• March 19, 2017

Take a wild guess what city I was in recently?! Yep, Austin, Texas! I had such a blast! I was there to photography Kat and Alex’s engagement photos. They are temporarily managing a long distance relationship and Austin was the perfect stop for a mini spring break vacation! To be clear, I am ALWAYS up for a travel opportunity so when this one came along I took full advantage! If you haven’t been, Austin is an amazing lively city and for a New Englander in March the weather was spectacular..even when it rained! I have been working on a little more of a playful approach with engagement sessions, basically I want you to feel like you just played a few games while there happened to be a photographer following you around… that’s not creepy right? I started by asking Kat & Alex a few questions about each other–Their reactions were pretty genuine… let’s just say I know who folds their underwear! 🙂  When you ask for an embarrassing story… Alex does not hesitate to give me some of the best moments where Kat has turned beet red. Thankfully Kat has no shame and enjoyed the story telling just as much, including all the hand gestures and visuals to make the story come alive! Austin has street art on just about every street corner, so I had the bonus of being able to hear these hilarious stories along with many of the passers-by who got to witness all three of us cracking up.  If you feel like you’ve seen this couple before… you probably have! On my blog as a matter of fact! Here is the very first time I photographed them in 2013! I’ll tell you about the other time I photographed them a little further down! Back to Austin… On my scouting around town before our shoot, I had seen the wall below and it struck me that I HAD to use that wall! The full sign says “With Liberty And Justice For All” but the Liberty really seemed to fit perfectly for Kat’s and Alex’s story–Stay tuned for when I get to photograph their wedding this summer!  After a bit of walking down Congress Street, 6th Street, 2nd Street and few other streets in between we decided to make a special trip to the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. To me this was one of those places I didn’t know I needed on my bucket list but I was so happy to have gone! I’ll give credit to my little sister Christa for showing me this place and I am SOOO grateful she did. I originally visited on Saturday with my Sisters, Dad and Stepmom, we were all so amazed at the work we saw and even tagged a few things. When I returned again on Monday with Kat and Alex I was impressed with how much had changed! Just about all my previous favorite pieces were replaced with fresh new art that was equally as awesome and creates such amazing vibration of nonstop art making. While we were exploring the Outdoor Gallery I told them to re-tell their proposal story, even though I was there, recalling a memorable day that made this engagement unfold and got us to Austin, TX for yet another unforgettable experience! After the Hope Outdoor Gallery, we made a very important stop… FOOD! We went to the Elizabeth Street Cafe in Austin and had an outstanding meal! I also maybe stole a moment outside the restaurant before we headed over to Barton Springs After we called it quits we spent a little time with Alex’s sister, Gaby and Gaby’s best friend Jordan, down by the water taking in the sun, and cooling off in the water. I’d say we had quite the successful day and I cannot wait to photograph the wedding this summer in Connecticut! I’ll leave you with our moments of reward and a final image of Alex and Kat killing it for the camera! I am so honored to be a part of documenting a truly genuine love story that I can confidently support–love is love is love.

Friends and family who would like to see the whole gallery can check them out here: